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Welcome to Diamond Boots Australia

Diamond Boots Australia was created because there was a need for a quality Australian made horse boots in the equine market.

We are a truly Australian company with all products made in Australia and the company is Australian owned and operated.

All our horse boots are trialled on horses in their given discipline by many riders and are used and cleaned to make sure they withstand the conditions in which they are created for.
DBA makes a variety of horse boots including bell boots, work boots, all leather dressage boots, sports boots, bumper boots and skid boots. Our bell boots and work boots can be made in a variety of 12 different colours as well as black or white. DBA horse boots are suitable for all types of equine disciplines from advanced dressage training to protection in the paddock.
We are currently working on open front jump boots and eventing boots to add to our range of Australian made horse boots.

Because we make the boots if any horse too hard to fit with standard sizes we can custom make to their size for no extra cost and we cater for all size equines from miniatures to Clydesdales.
We currently sponsor a variety of talented riders in Australia including David and Sandi Simons, Tesse Cook, Alice Hirst and Alysha Verwey.

Just recently the Victorian Pony Club games team competed in WA wearing DBA work boots and bell boots in the Victorian pony club colours and were very successful. It’s great to see the future of our sport competing and enjoying their horses.

You can be assured that you are buying a quality Australian product when you purchase Diamond Boots Australia and DBA will continue to improve our range in the future.

At Diamond Boots Australia we strive to supply a top quality product for the equine enthusiast that is quality, affordable and durable.

Diamond Boots Australia is very proud to be associated with the Waler Project at Sydney Equitana 2013.

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